About Me

Hey everyone! Welcome to my travel blog – my little corner of the internet 🙂

Born and raised in Brighton in England, I have been exposed to a unique cosmopolitan and open lifestyle my entire life. My parents called me Claire because it means “clear and bright”, which I quite like. But I can definitely be neither of these things sometimes..


It would be fair to say I am addicted to travel (51 countries and counting). Every last penny I earn and save goes on fulfilling my travel dreams! I’m lucky to have a family who would also describe themselves as world travellers. They happily support my endless crazy ideas to visit here, there and everywhere!

It was my first summer of backpacking at 18 that got me absolutely hooked. First, I went off on a road trip to Southern Spain and to Benicassim festival. Followed by a totally unplanned journey through Thailand, Laos and Burma.

Then at university, I decided it was time to live abroad. I decided to spend the 2nd half of my 2nd year at the University of Ghana before flying straight onto a year at Monash University in Australia. These experiences helped me explore both West Africa, all over Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand!

Most of my travels have been with my friends or by myself.  However, I’ve been on two backpacking trips with my Dad to both Vietnam and China which were incredible. I’ll definitely be writing up about these soon!

Anyway, please take a look around my blog : ) Here you’ll find destination guides, photo reviews of hotels and airlines. I’ll also be sharing my thoughts on topics such as ethical travel, luxury vs budget travel (I’m an advocate for both!) as well as travel tips and advice.

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