Top 20 Things To Do in El Nido, Philippines

Two awesome trips to El Nido (2014 and 2017), I can’t help but feel I know the area pretty well. While it had changed quite a lot in many respects in those 3 years, the best things to do in the area remain the same. So I’ve put together my list of the things you should not miss on your visit to El Nido!

1. Explore Big Lagoon by kayak

Without a doubt, it is the most clichéd experience of El Nido, but nevertheless, completely unmissable. I think the pics speak for themselves!

el nido

el nido

2. Have a beer on one of remote islands dotted in the archipelago.

Here George was enjoying one near to Snake Island.
el nido

3. Head off the beaten track and get to know the locals

I say this about every destination, but it’s nearly always my favourite thing to do. On my most recent visit, our hostel (xx) was located to the edge of the main El Nido beach, where we had to navigate our way through giant rocks, small wooden homes and 100s of kids to get there. We loved it!

el nido

4. Enjoy a smoothie at V&V

In my opinion, it’s the best breakfast place around! The queue could be fairly long it seemed when I returned in 2017 – but totally worth it! On a hangover, it’s like heaven in a glass. Just look at my happy exhaustion below!

el nido

5. Play with all the cute puppies and kitties that are everywhere!

el nido

6. Explore small lagoon by paddle board

el nido

el nido

7. Dive deep underwater to marvel at the marine life

el nido

8. Visit Seven Commandos Beach

el nido

9. Stay at the amazing Las Cabanas Beach Resort

el nido

10. Have dinner by candlelight on the beach

el nido

11. Charter a boat or join a tour

El Nido is brimming with boats to rent. Gliding through its turquoise waters is the very best way to spend a day.

el nido

13. Find a hammock and stay there all day

‘Cos you can!

el nido

14. Catch an El Nido sunset

They’re famous for a reason.

el nido

15. Explore the amazing Snake Island

This sandbar is not to be missed.

el nido

16. Enjoy cocktails and smoothies all day long

el nido

17. Marvel at the twinkly waters.

Honestly, they’ve got to be some of the clearest in the world!

el nido

18. Sail past empty and deserted beaches

el nido

19. Head into its jungle interior

el nido
20. But most of all, RELAX.

You are in paradise after all! 🙂

el nido


I hope you’ve found my guide to the top 20 things to do in beautiful useful and that maybe I’ve inspired you to visit this gorgeous area on your travels! If you’ve already been to El Nido, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you 🙂 x

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  1. April 14, 2017 / 9:34 pm

    I spent a few days on Palawan but only around Puerto Princessa. Didn’t have time to make it to El Nido. I really need to visit one day. Is it getting over run like Boracay?

      July 15, 2017 / 2:18 pm

      Sadly it is – so go soon! But with that, it is bringing other features/aspects to enjoy! I still like Boracay – I just know what to expect!

  2. April 15, 2017 / 3:48 am

    What a beautiful place! That smoothie looks amazing, and I’m always up for hammock time!

  3. April 15, 2017 / 6:28 pm

    I would love to go to the Philippines and after reading your post and looking at the pics I can say that I can´t miss a visit to El Nido paradise. Thansk!

  4. May 16, 2017 / 12:53 pm

    I couldn’t agree more with you, Claire! These things are a must do while being at this marvelous place!

  5. Sarah Cairns
    July 12, 2017 / 11:58 pm

    Hey!! Any recommendations where to stay? We are heading there in January and trying to figure out also how long to stay in El Nido. Is 5 days enough to explore?

    Thanks so much

      July 15, 2017 / 2:17 pm

      Yes, I think 5 days there is a good amount of time to see the area! You could do 1 or 2 days of boat tours and 2-3 days of visiting different beaches like Nacpan or Las Cabanas. Also it gives a bit of room for any bad weather days (just in case!)

      If you’re a couple, I would suggest shelling out a little more for something comfortable, private and luxurious! If not, a dorm in OMP (Our Melting Pot) is great and right in the action 🙂 xx

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