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Hey everyone!

I’m Claire and I’m delighted to welcome you to my blog – my little corner of the internet. Stoked to Travel is a space dedicated to offering useful and inspiration travel guides, in-depth reviews and a reminder that you can still travel extensively with a full time job!

I currently live in London and hold the fort with a full time job in advertising in the City. It’s busy and the hours are long, but I love it. I also adore travelling and exploring and feel I do a pretty good job at managing the two.

Stoked to Travel was born from a love of travel, as well as a way to document experiences through authentic accounts of my travels. I try to show how to fit in as much travel as possible with weekend city break guides and two/three week itineraries. I also am aiming to feature more and more of the UK, because let’s face it, this is a pretty special country too!

stoked to travel blog

It would be fair to say my true passion is travel, exploring and adventure – 54 countries and counting. Every last penny I earn and save goes on fulfilling my travel dreams!

Little phases me on my travels, and actually, the further I am out of my comfort zone, the better..!

stoked to travel blog

Born and raised in Brighton, England, I have experienced a unique cosmopolitan and open lifestyle my entire life. I then embarked on a degree course at the amazing University of Leeds and subsequently moved to London to start my adult career.

It was my first summer of backpacking at 18 that got me absolutely hooked. It started with an eventful road trip to Southern Spain and to Benicassim festival (you can read about that here). Followed by a totally unplanned journey through Thailand, Laos and Burma. This was followed by a stint working at Disneyland Paris (don’t ask).. I was Jessie from Toy Story..

Whilst at the University of Leeds, I opted to study a year and a half of my degree abroad, which yes, was one of the deciding factors behind my choice to go there and to study my course in particular. One of the key factors in my writing is to change peoples’ perceptions of a place. Whether it be to show that beautiful Turkey is safe and also fine for a solo female travel (which, by the way, it really is) or demonstrating the exciting up-and-coming nightlife and foodie scene in my beloved Ghana

I decided to spend 6 months of my second year at the University of Ghana before flying straight onto a year at Monash University in Australia. These experiences were not only the very best of my life so far, but helped shape me into the person I am today. Cliché but true.

Anyway, please take a look around my blog : ) Here you’ll find destination guides and reviews of hotels. I’ll also be sharing my thoughts on topics such as ethical travel, luxury vs budget travel (I’m an advocate for both!) as well as travel tips and advice.

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