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The Best Vegan and Plant-Based Cafes To Try in Bali: Seminyak, Canggu and Ubud

The beautiful Indonesian island of Bali has always been a trailblazer for vegan food and Instagrammable dishes. But over the last few years, new health food cafes have been opening at an unprecedented rate.

It is healthy food heaven – few places in the world can really compare. There are simply so many forward thinking & innovative health food spots and vegan cafes. Certainly nowhere draws as many people to come and try out the vegan food scene as here.

Canggu could be considered Bali’s hotspot for vegan food, with the area providing a good mix of guiltier pleasures too. Ubud however is all about raw and healthy food.

Best Plant-based and Vegan Places to Eat in Bali

I’ve collaborated on this blog post with my good friend Anita, a talented graphic designer, yoga teacher and all round good egg. We are both London residents, but travel the world as often as we can. Anita could be considered a Bali vegan expert, having tried most of the cafes on the island.

So read on for all the best vegan and plant-based cafes to try in Bali, featuring hotspots in Canggu, Seminyak and Ubud!

Best vegan cafes in Bali
Anita enjoying a delicious vegan meal at Wulan, Ubud

Kynd Community, Seminyak

Located in Seminyak, Kynd Community is probably the most Instagrammable on this list.

From the colourful walls, to the unbelievably beautifully presented smoothie bowls – bloggers and tourists alike flock here. It opens early which is helpful ahead of a long day of exploring and we had no problems getting a seat outside.

This is a plant-based cafe, with a very fruity focus. Looking at the menu, I could easily eat everything on it. The berry tropical bowl is my favourite item on the menu – a delicious mix dragonfruit (best fruit ever) and granola, strawberry and banana. Kynd Community offers probably the most extensive variety of juices, smoothies and other plant-based drinks on the island.

best cafes in Seminyak
Delicious smoothie bowl at Kynd
best cafes in Seminyak
A delicious breakfast at Kynd Community

Coffee Cartel, Seminyak

Another photo friendly spot, located not too far from the main road into Central Seminyak. The staff at Coffee Cartel are super friendly and it could definitely be an all-day work chill out spot too. I loved both the interiors and the terrace areas.

Their smoothie bowls are delicious, as are the iced coffees on offer but check their menu here to get a complete idea of what they have each day. It’s a really diverse range and every dish has been so well thought through.

breakfast in Seminyak
Perfect breakfast setup at Coffee Cartel

Cassava, Batu Bolong, Canggu (veggie & vegan)

Cassava is stunning. It’s a massive, airy, Pinterest dream that comes with a pool. I came here four times and the food never let me down. The dishes vary from Sri Lankan, Indonesian, Western, Middle Eastern, Mexican and more – but they somehow nail all of them!

Cassava cafe
Dreamy interiors at Cassava
Best plant-based cafes in Bali
Chilled out vibes at Cassava

Peloton Supershop, Berawa, Canggu (100% vegan)

Their smoothie bowls and breakfast options are unparalleled (pancakes, breakfast burrito, hash stack, etc.) and so are their pulled jackfruit nachos and arancini balls (evenings only). Make sure to stop by Peloton Supershop at least once!

Peloton Supershop smoothie bowl
Peloton Supershop smoothie bowl
best plant-based cafes in Bali
Peloton Supershop coffee

Shady Shack, Batu Bolong, Canggu (veggie & vegan)

Shady has the best smoothies, matcha lattes and salad bowls like the Nori Bowl and Tempeh Bowl. The Naked Falafel is another one of my favourites. Go back for dinner to try their sweet potato gnocchi with vegan parmesan.

best plant-based cafes in Bali
A Shady Shack Nori Bowl
Shady Shack best cafes in Bali
Delicious dishes at Shady Shack

Moksa, Ubud (100% vegan)

Incredible setting in a permaculture farm, the decor at Moksa Ubud is posh, clean cut, and the service reflects that too. The food is so flavourful and creative – it’s as if a 5 star hotel chef became vegan and started his own thing. It’s a bit of a trek out of central Ubud but worth it.

Best plant-based cafe in Ubud
Moksa in Ubud

Wulan Vegetarian Cafe, Ubud (100% vegan)

I’ve found in Asia, restaurants that have the word ‘vegetarian’ in it are actually vegan. Wulan cafe veganises Indonesian dishes but honestly, they do it even better. The 7 veg special is incredible and I still crave it. It’s a small business lovingly run by the owner – she’s been there every time I have. They also do cookies and other sweet treats.

Best vegetarian cafe in Bali
Yummy spread in Wulan

Sage, Ubud (100% vegan)

Very flavoursome food – the jackfruit tacos and burrito were seriously memorable – the ‘sour cream’ and salsa are delicious. Sage is a little out of main Ubud but again, worth it.

Vegan cafe in Ubud
Excellent food in Ubud

Roti Daal, Batu Bolong, Canggu (veggie & vegan)

A low-key joint that changes its dishes EVERY DAY. It’s 95% vegan with the odd paneer dish. Roti Daal cheap and they let you try every dish before you choose the ones you want.

Best vegan cafes in Bali
Delicious curry at Roti Daal

Mad Pops, Canggu & Seminyak (vegan ice cream)

You will see their lollipops in a LOT of restaurants and cafes. But visit the Mad Pops shop itself and try a few flavours. My favourites are the chocolate (tastes like a brownie) and salted caramel (can be sickeningly sweet). Get the chocolate sauce topping – it freezes over the ice cream!

vegan ice cream in Bali
Amazing vegan ice cream

The Best Vegan and Plant-Based Cafes To Try in Bali

I hope this post has been useful for anyone wondering which vegan and plant-based cafes to try in Bali. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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Disclaimer: We paid for our visits to these cafes in Bali. There was no involvement from the tourism board or a cafe. This is an independent guide.

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  1. Lyosha
    July 21, 2018 / 4:07 pm

    Everything looks so delicious! I absolutely like the looks and would love it eat it! Very nice plates! Thanks for sharing the spot, I hope to visit it when I am on Bali

  2. G
    April 19, 2022 / 3:56 am

    A new place which I’ve become actually obsessed with is Pizza Cult in Ubud. Amazing food, great service, such a cute venue and really affordable. Also a great place to bring your laptop and work from!

    • May 25, 2022 / 3:52 pm

      Thanks Grace for the recommendation! So many new places keep opening, it’s hard to keep up!

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