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The Best Suitcases, Backpacks and Daypacks for Travel

If you’re looking for some ideas for the best travel luggage, then I’m here to help! As someone who frequently embarks on several different types of travel throughout the year, my cabin luggage, my suitcase and my bigger backpack get a lot of use.

Plus my daypack tends to get used every single day even if I’m in the UK.

I’d say buying travel luggage that is really sturdy and well-built is key. I’ve had my daypack since 2013 and it’s still in really good condition. Plus, my longer-term backpack has probably been in use since about 2014 too!

The one piece of travel luggage I haven’t previously bought of good enough quality is my cabin-size suitcase. I’ve gone through more of these than I can count, so just a couple of months ago I invested in an American Tourister and I love it.

So I’ve gone ahead and listed the travel luggage I currently use below and I’ve included some links directly to a UK site to buy. If you’re from the US or another global destination – don’t worry, I’ve created a full US travel luggage shop below! Enjoy 🙂

Best daypacks

Backpacks for daily use come in all shapes and sizes, and cover all price ranges. After considering how much you’re willing to spend, I think the most important factors in a good daypack are the components/storage sections. I suggest thinking about the items that are always in your bag and how important it is for a certain component for them. For example, many daypacks today has a laptop sleeve in them to keep them safe and secure, but if you never travel with a laptop, you won’t need this.

On another note, if you have travel plans to visit a destination where perhaps pickpocketing is more rife, you want to ensure the bag has certain security features. For example, sturdy zips and a tough fabric, fewer zips facing outwards and even discreet access points to the bag that face the back.

I love my North Face Surge Daypack, which is a steal at around £55. I can fit in all my essentials and it is a really comfortable fit on my back. A cheaper alternative could be this great Helly Hansen daypack.

Best suitcases

As I mentioned earlier, I kept buying lower end wheelie suitcases for trips. But then had to keep replacing them after less than a year. Frequent travel really takes a toll on suitcases – from their wheels, to their zips to their frame. Mine were getting repeatedly battered on trains, planes and walking through cities.

So at the end of last year, I decided to take advantage of a Black Friday sale and picked up an American Tourister Soundbox suitcase. At 55cm, it is perfect as carry-on luggage/hand luggage and is a really well-built suitcase. The wheels are super smooth, the zips are really sturdy and the handle never jams. I’m really impressed with it. Best of all, it actually comes in several bright colours and has a family of bags, with a medium and large suitcase. So you could invest in the full set!

A slightly more expensive range is from Samsonite, who are also highly trusted in the travel world for top quality suitcases.

Best backpacks for travelling

As with a suitcase, I do think investing in a higher quality backpack is a good idea. Even if you’re only planning to do one trip – as a backpack made poorly will really frustrate you. From jamming zips, to an inefficient design and an uncomfortable back frame, you don’t want to regret your backpack choice whilst on a long trip.

In my opinion, some of the brands for travelling backpacks are Kathmandu, North Face, Jack Wolfskin, Osprey, Gregory and Thule.

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