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5 Tips for Winter Wellness

Winter is well and truly upon us and I don’t know about you, but I spend a good part of the season battling away colds and feelings of lethargy.

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is something else I have to manage too. It has me snoozing for as many as 10 hours per night, as well as midday naps. Like a bear, I sure do hibernate.

Each winter, I prioritise my health and wellbeing over socialising – unlike the summer. I’ve learnt it takes some dedicated changes in my day-to-day activities and choice of dietary supplements in order to stay balanced and well.

Furthermore, with my annual Christmas-time pilgrimage to sunnier climes in December and January, it’s even more important to keep my health and wellbeing in check. No-one wants to be spending their overseas break unwell and in bed!

This post is written in collaboration with Dr Dunner and their excellent Phytovitality food supplements. As always, all words are my own!

tips for winter wellness

5 of my top tips for winter wellness:


It sounds obvious, but give into your body’s need for rest and recuperation.

Most people engage in more active social lives with the longer days and better weather throughout the summer, and it’s surprising that by winter time we’re a bit burnt out.

If your body is tired, let it sleep. Obviously, don’t lose entire weekends to being in bed (that’s never good for anyone) but sleep for the time your body needs, and then when you wake up naturally, make sure you leave your bed and get up and on with the day.

Prioritising sleep is one of the most important changes I’ve made. I used to think it was awesome how long I could go without sleep, but I was getting SO unwell through complete exhaustion. I now make a real deal about preparing for a night’s sleep and I most certainly treasure it!

Go on Walks

Whether it’s in the countryside or simply along the river in London or in a park, make sure you take yourself out on walks.

If you’re finding the weather a bit unbearable or lacking the motivation at the weekend, make sure you go on a lunchtime walk when you are already outside the house.

I’ve tried to go on 45 min walks in my lunch break around the London Bridge area, and it really works wonders for my energy levels and sense of wellbeing.

There’s no question that the lack of sunshine has a huge effect on our mood, so get out and enjoy the daylight each day whilst it’s there.

Purchase some top quality supplements

This is a tricky one, as there are so many dodgy companies out there on the market. Even some of the high street stores we frequent which are ‘renowned’ for health and wellness are selling products with no scientific backing.

That’s where Dr Dunner’s food supplements are different. Balancing science and nature, Dr Dunner’s products hail from Switzerland, a nation known for its reputation in scientific research – and in particular, in immunology and pharmacology.

The supplements have been created by Swiss scientists who have combined scientific research with the health-supporting properties of wild plants. The term is phytotherapy, which means using blended plant ingredients to treat a variety of issues and conditions.

Not only are the supplements derived from botanicals, but they’re also vegan, gluten free, lactose free and paraben free.

As someone who has grown up surrounded by homeopathy and other non-allopathic methods, Dr Dunner’s supplements really match my mentality on health and wellbeing.

My favourite two are from the range focused on the immune system, which is most key when thinking about my own winter wellness.

This winter, I’ve been enjoyed supplementing my diet with the ‘Nasturtium, Rosehip and Elderflower’ capsules which supports my immune response to colds and I’ve also been noticing the benefits from the ‘Turmeric, Pepper and Green Tea’ capsules.

This range is the one I’m making most use of in my quest for winter wellness, but there are also ranges for Digestive Health, Nerves & Brain function and Muscles and Joint Health.

Drink as much water as possible during the summer

The dry cold air and indoor heaters can really dry out your skin so drinking water through the day in the winter is just as important as during the summer months.

Keep hydrated both internally and externally by really keeping up your water intake. Water has such a huge impact, even on our energy levels. Nothing beats a big glass of water to perk yourself back up.

For me personally, the winter season is a distinctly more alcohol-free time to the summer, so I really take extra time to focus on what I’m eating and drinking, and that starts with consuming lots and lots of water!

Embrace #selfcaresunday to a whole new level

The #selfcaresunday movement is one of my favourite changes I’ve adopted. Whilst I’ve tried to improve self care each day in general, dedicating my Sunday evening to some pampering and self-care really sets my week off to a good start. Mentally, it helps prepare and ready me for the week ahead. We all know nothing can beat the feeling of our skin after a face mask or fresh clean sheets after a long shower.

These moments are so valuable, and especially through the winter months when we naturally spend more time inside.

So there we have it! My 5 tips to winter wellness, in collaboration with Dr Dunner.

tips for winter wellness

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