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A Little Travel Q&A

Q: How many countries have I been to?

A: I’ve been to 65 countries across Africa, North America, Central America, Asia, Australasia and Europe!

Q: Which have been my favourite?

A: The Philippines for sure, as it’s so beautiful, so diverse and the people are so friendly. It’s so much less touristy than the rest of SE Asia! I also loved Hawaii and living in Australia.

Q: Where do I want to visit most that I haven’t yet been to?

A: I can’t wait to finally get to South Africa one day! I dream of arriving there after a road trip from Kenya or the like! I also would love to explore South America!

Q: Where have I lived before?

Well, I now live in London. However, I grew up in Brighton and went to university in Leeds and both these cities are FAB! On my gap year, I  lived in Paris for a stint working at Disneyland Paris during my Gap Year.

Then during uni, I moved to Accra in West Africa to study at the University of Ghana for 6 months. Straight after this, I jetted off to Melbourne, Australia for a year to study at Monash University too! In the future, I hope to spend stints in New York City, Tokyo and Hong Kong, but only time will tell!

Q: Why have I started this travel blog?

There are a few reasons really..

  1. I LOVE travel so much but I know not all my friends want to hear endlessly about my travels, nor do they want to see their newsfeed being clogged up with all my piccies!
  2. However, I do get asked all the time about travel tips for x,y and z, so it does make sense to put together a little guide to share with people!
  3. You could call this a little passion project, it seems a shame to save hard, go on amazing trips and then the pictures and memories get shoved away a little. Here means that they’re online for all and anyone to enjoy and it makes the best kind of scrapbook of my travels!

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