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Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Day trips from Reykjavik in Iceland are surprisingly easy. There are a remarkable number of natural wonders in easy driving distance from both the airport (Keflavik) and the capital city, Reykjavik. Whether you a hire a car (read my guide here) for ultimate flexibility and freedom, or join a tour, Iceland is a wonderfully straight forward destination to explore!

The island nation of Iceland has become the new European place to go. With a flight time of just 3 hours, it’s perfect for long weekend breaks or as a stopover between here and the US.

Day trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Having recently visited Reykjavik, I was so impressed with how many awesome natural wonders are within 2 hours of Keflavik Airport and the city. So I’ve decided to put together a quick guide focusing on day trips from Reykjavik Iceland!

Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Our roadtrip group!

1. Sandvík

  • This is a unique spot where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet! There’s a footbridge cross between the two which you can cross. We thought it was pretty cool, as you could stand one side and a friend could stand the other, and you’d both be in different continents.
  • This is the closest day trip from Reykjavik.

2. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

  • This incredible waterfall is totally different to anything I have ever seen before, as you can walk completely behind it. The force of the water is something to be experienced and although you might get a little wet, a climb behind here offers a completely unique perspective. It is not to be missed!
Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Standing behind the incredible waterfall!

Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

A late November visit meant no snow but beautiful Autumnal colours!

3. Skógafoss Waterfall

Another incredible waterfall, mostly due to its sheer force. We got completely soaked trying to approach it.

(Apologies for the pics – it was SO hard to get my phone out as I was getting so soaked!

Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Getting drenched!

Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Enjoying it all to ourselves!

4. Sólheimajökull Glacier

  • As we were driving on the main road, we spotted ice in the distance.  We thought it looked like something worth exploring and trying to get closer to. A simple little left turn and a long gravel road led us to its little car park. To our absolute delight, we could follow the trail of a hiking group all the way along the black volcanic rocks to where the ice started. Now to actually climb up the ice and fully explore, we would have needed a guide and ice picks, but we were happy enough climbing around on what we could get to.
  • I would say this is highly recommended day trip from Reykjavik Iceland.
Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

We passed this point…

Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Cold..but amazing!

Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

4. The Blue Lagoon

  • Of course I had to include this. The Blue Lagoon has quickly become one of Iceland’s most famous attractions, and for good reason. We opted for the most basic entrance option but you can pay more for more experiences.
  • I’d check back regularly for prices, as they seem to be increasing all the time.
  • Oh, there’s a bar too by the water’s edge so you can enjoy a drink and soak up this experience for longer.
Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

With our new friends in the lagoon

Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland
Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

5. Reykjavik

  • Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the capital of Reykjavik itself! It’s pretty, calm, friendly but yes, a little on the expensive side. Icelandic coffee culture is a vibe too!
  • We only had the opportunity to try two places, the Cafe Babalú and Kaffitár, both in the very centre of town just down from the church. There’s nothing quite like having breakfast while it is still dark outside. In the winter months anyway!
Day Trips from Reykjavik Iceland

An old school snapchat!

As well as day trips from Reykjavik, the city itself is well worth spending some time in. Whilst it is no bustling metropolis; in the absence of tall glass skyscrapers, the streets instead are lined with cute colourful wooden buildings. Everything seems to be so small and quaint, it’s very easy to lose a couple of hours wandering the streets and little stores and cafes.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to explore the museums and shopping was not really an option (bit pricey).

However, the best thing about these day trips from Reykjavik Iceland is that they are all free – with the exception of The Blue Lagoon.

Are you planning to go to Iceland soon? I hope this post helps in planning your day trips from Reykjavik, or at least inspires you to visit this incredible country and all its amazing natural wonders!

If you’ve already visited, let me know in the comments if you have any more top tips or any feedback! I’d love to hear from you 🙂 x

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