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Staying at the Holiday Inn Mai Khao Beach – The Best Family Resort in Phuket

Family-friendly paradise in Phuket? I promise it exists. I’ve been to Phuket many times over the past decade, and repeatedly been disappointed with the beaches and the hotels. But then I found the Holiday Inn Mai Khao Resort, which in my opinion, is easily the best family resort in Phuket.

best family resort Phuket
Enjoying the beach at Mai Khao

The Best Family Resort in Phuket?

It’s quite a big accolade to give a hotel – but the Holiday Inn Mai Khao is definitely deserving. From its huge expansive beach, to brilliant family-friendly swimming pools. I could have easily spent two weeks here.

In this guide, I’ll detail some of the best things about the Holiday Inn and why it’s great for families. I’ll also share some of the best things to do near Mai Khao beach for all the family.

Mai Khao: Paradise in Phuket

Firstly, the beach. Just wow. It blew me away. I think it might one of the best beaches I’ve ever been to in the world. The beach stretched for miles into the distance and there was no-one else around during my early morning walk. I actually arrived after sunset so couldn’t really get an idea of the beach. Such a surprise and so wonderful!

Mai Khao is exactly as I imagined Phuket to be 20 years ago. Golden, silky soft sand sloping gently into warm calm waters, and backed by pine forest. And it’s set within the Sirinat National Park. No rocks, no coral, no rubbish, no bins, no beach huts, no umbrellas, no shops, no stands, no nothing! All other hotels are set back from the beach, so you can’t see them in any direction.

best family resort Phuket
Enjoying an early morning walk along the magical Mai Khao beach

Getting to the hotel

The Holiday Inn Mai Khao Beach Resort is just 15 minutes or so north of Phuket International Airport. The transfer is really quick, and I truly marvelled at how such a beautiful beach could be so convenient. Some of the other major beach areas in Phuket are more than an hour’s drive from the airport, and are far less nice.

best beach hotel in Phuket
Iced coffee at the swim-up bar

The rooms

Waking up each morning at this resort was a dream. I could see the sea between the towering trees from our gorgeous room located at the front of the hotel. It glistened blue in the early morning light, quite magical.

There’s a really great variety of rooms at the Holiday Inn Mai Khao, covering all family sizes and needs. Some of the rooms on ground level provide direct access to the huge swimming pool that snakes its way and the resort.

The room on the upper levels, particularly those at the front, offer spectacular views.

best family hotels in Phuket
Magical mornings on Mai Khao beach

Activities for kids

The Holiday Inn Mai Khao is a fantastic kid-oriented resort. There’s a huge number of outdoor activities in and around the resort, from cooking classes, muay Thai classes, towel folding, watersports, bicycle tours and games afternoons.

Tours outside the hotel are easily arranged too, such as white-water rafting, the elephant sanctuary or to central Phuket.

For younger guests, aged 4 to 12, the hotel offers a super cool ‘hotelier’s programme where kids can get behind the scenes of the hotels’ inner locations. They get to meet the staff and have some ‘hands-on’ experience helping to run the hotel!

Mai Khao beach Phuket
Tropical paradise in Phuket

Holiday Inn Resort Mai Khao – The Best Family Resort in Phuket

So that’s my quick guide covering why this is the best family resort in Phuket. Enjoying a stay in this tropical getaway is the trip of dreams. Mai Khao is one of the least developed areas in Phuket, and in Southern Thailand. The blissful crowd-free beach stretches on for miles in every direction – it’s a true Thai paradise.

Why not check rates for the Holiday Inn Resort Mai Khao here?

best family hotel in Phuket
The calm waters at Mai Khao

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Disclaimer: This visit to the Mai Khao beach in Thailand was entirely paid for by myself. There was no involvement from the tourism board or the hotel. This is an independent guide.

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  1. Ellie
    January 16, 2018 / 11:45 am

    Looks like paradise ! Definitely want to go !

  2. February 8, 2018 / 1:07 am

    Thailand is always a great getaway and I agree Phuket offer nice beaches. Been there few years ago, still have it charm. Love the water so clear. Your picture with the coconut make me feel like having a sun bathing with coconut juice. Cant wait to do it again!

  3. February 17, 2018 / 10:49 pm

    I can see why you called it paradise, the water is so blue and the beach is so beautiful!

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