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A London Supper Club with Yellow Zebra Safaris

Last week, I was invited to join the team at Yellow Zebra Safaris for a supper club, inspired by the flavours of East Africa.

Having just had my first safari experience on my recent adventure in South Africa, I was very excited to hear more about the company and all things Africa!

Occupying the event space of a co-working venue called Benk + Bo near to Spitalfields in East London, the team transformed the room into a colourful and vibrant dinner setup. The long table was even decorated with my favourite flower, the Protea, which is the national flower of South Africa, as well as Gloriosa Flame Lillies (the nation flower of Zimbabwe), and the Stretliza ‘Bird of Paradise’ flowers. It looked pretty spectacular!

yellow zebra safaris
The beautiful table set up

Yellow Zebra Safaris teamed up with The Culinary Discovery Club and Colline’s Kitchen for the event. As the evening went on, I realised what a perfect partnership this was.

The Culinary Discovery Club and Colline’s Kitchen

The Culinary Discovery Club was launched to give migrant and refugee chefs from around the world the opportunity to showcase their cuisine through supper clubs, interactive evenings and experiential cooking classes. The proceeds from the events they run go towards providing hot meals to a local homeless charity, making this a London social enterprise I am keen to get behind!

For the Yellow Zebra Safari supper club, the team partnered up with Colline, a chef of Zimbabwean heritage who is now based in the UK and runs her own cafe called Colline’s Kitchen. Her passion lies in sharing African cuisine, and bringing people together in her local community through healthy and sustainable food.

yellow zebra safaris
Listening to Jules, the co-founder of Yellow Zebra Safaris

Yellow Zebra Safaris

Yellow Zebra Safaris was launched in 2012 by friends and business partners, Julian Carter-Manning and Rory Walker. Their goal was to create a luxury and adventure travel company, specialising in safaris in Africa. They only employ former professional safari guides, camp managers or people born or raised in Africa, so that customers are speaking to true industry experts.

The supper club celebrated Yellow Zebra Safari’s range of African safaris, particularly those in Tanzania, home to the incredible Serengeti National Park – a place I would seriously love to go to someday!

The evening was a fantastic opportunity to sample Eastern African cuisine for the first time. To start off the culinary experience, we actually prepared our own starters which was really fun. The dish was called Matooke and Luwombo, which hails from Uganda and Rwanda. We wrapped a mixture of steamed green bananas, plantains and spiced mushrooms into a banana leaf, before securing with a skewer. Colline then cooked these up before we ate our own creations. Delicious!

yellow zebra safaris
Our stew mixture to go into our banana leaves

For the main course, we tried Mchuzi wa samaki, which is a traditional dish from Tanzania and Kenya. It’s simply a spiced curry with salmon and hake, served up with brown rice. Not too spicy and another tasty dish.

To finish off the Eastern african meal, we were treated to Mandazi, which is Ugandan coconut doughnuts, served up with warm chocolate and caramel dips and a homemade mango sorbet. Literally unreal!

Between courses we enjoyed some ice breakers, such as a quiz and a few other games at the table, which was really fun and interactive. A great way to get to know some of the fellow bloggers at the event!

yellow zebra safaris

Thanks to the Yellow Zebra Safaris team for the invite. What a superb evening! As you may know from all my recent South Africa content on here and on Instagram, I love the continent and I loved my recent day safari experience. With my November return to South Africa to be planned, I’m definitely considering a longer stay with Yellow Zebra Safaris. Time to get planning!

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Have you been on a safari? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Disclaimer: I was invited to this supper club by Yellow Zebra Safaris and this meal was complimentary. As always, all views are my own.


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