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Staying at Sultan Cave Suites: The Best Cave Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey

Sultan Cave Suites is easily the best cave hotel in Cappadocia. It became famous on Instagram for its roof terrace and the incredible viewpoint it offers to see the hot air balloons at sunrise in Cappadocia.

best cave hotel in Cappadocia

However, as well as a beautiful sunrise in Cappadocia, the hotel is a brilliant stay inself. From the excellent breakfast offering, to the awesome cave rooms and some of the nicest hotel staff I have ever come across.

Unsurprisingly, it was seeing photos on Instagram that inspired my stay there. But aside from the terrace, my time at Sultan Cave Suites was without a doubt one of the most incredible hotel stays of my life. That’s a bold statement, but I had the most faultless stay. I’ve written a long and detailed guide to experiencing a sunrise in Cappadocia at the Sultan Cave Suites, but in this blog post, I am aim to cover everything else you might want to know about the Sultan Cave Suites. From the rooms, the food, the public areas, and of course, the pool – which few people seem to know about.

So read on and let me know if you have any questions or thoughts. I hope this helps in planning your time in Cappadocia and in Turkey!

The Best Cave Hotel in Cappadocia

Sultan Cave Suites is a true cave hotel in Cappadocia, offering real stays in cave rooms with stone walls. It is incredible. However, did you know it wasn’t always a cave hotel?

Over the past few centuries, the residents of Cappadoccia and the village of
Göreme have moved out of their ancient dwellings into more modern and practical homes. This has meant there were hundreds of abandoned and empty cave homes which locals, such as the team behind Sultan Cave Suites, have preserved. So these original cave dwellings now make otherworldly hotels.

solo female traveller in Turkey
Enjoying Cappadocia

Rooms and Facilities

The cave rooms

Sultan Cave Suites hotel has 30 cave rooms, all varying in size, shape and amenities, due to the type of cave they situated in. Ranging from Junior Suites, Suites and King Suites, they can accommodate different numbers of people.

The cave walls left dust on my fingers, some of the beds are nestled into alcoves and there are little cubby hole shelves hidden by little wooden doors. It’s really just a whole different experience!

the rooms at Cappadocia
Our Junior Suite room from the outside
the rooms at Cappadocia
Inside our Junior Suite cave room

The bathroom was modern, despite being in a cave. I experienced no issues with the power shower at all and it was an all-round luxurious experience.

Cappadocia is prone to heavy snowfall in winter, so the rooms are equipped with good heating and blankets. Many even have fireplaces to warm up by.

Many of the cave rooms at Sultan Cave Suites have their own stone terraces. These are often tucked away, with comfortable seating and the most incredible views over the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. When I stepped onto our small terrace to see the hot air balloons drifting right above the door to our room, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The rooms are nestled into the side of the hill, so with all the stairs and narrow pathways, a cave hotel isn’t very accessible.

best cave hotel in Cappadocia
Some of the exterior of Sultan Cave Suites
Sultan Cave Suites hotel in Cappadocia
Wandering around the hotel

The public areas

The hotel reception is located in a large living room (after all, it was once a home), with a huge fireplace, sofas and books. It’s very cosy.

This is also where Izmir, the famous Instagram dog of Cappadocia lives. Check-in is very relaxed affair here. There are no typical hotel formalities – Sultan Cave Suites just feels like a wonderful family home.

best cave hotel in Cappadocia
One of several terraces at Sultan Cave Suites

There are a number of public terraces to relax with tables and chairs or softer giant cushions on the floor. The famous Instagram photo spot is on the terrace, which is often quite busy in the morning whilst everyone takes photos of Instagram.

But during the day, the beautiful terrace makes a lovely relaxing spot to enjoy the sun. There’s a bar on the terrace too, as well as renowned restaurant called the The Seten Anatolian Cuisine Restaurant, which welcomes non-guests in the evening for dinner.

restaurant at Sultan Cave Suites
The Seten Anatolian Cuisine Restaurant
best cave hotel in Cappadocia
Enjoying one of the public areas at Sultan Cave Suites

Sultan Cave Suites – Other useful things to know


You might be surprised to know that such a beautiful stay in a cave hotel is affordable. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I found it on booking.com.

We stayed in a Junior Suite which was around £130 a night. Cappadocia in general is increasing in its popularity and I recommend booking accommodation way ahead of time. You can check prices for a stay at Sultan Cave Suites here. I actually booked in 2017 for a stay in three weeks’ time, so I was pretty lucky!

The price includes an incredible breakfast. as well as the best sunrise view in Cappadocia. What more could you ask for!

best hotels in cappadocia
Taking in the view in Cappadocia

The swimming pool

Something the hotel doesn’t really promote is that it has use of its sister hotel’s pool! Right next door at Kelebek Special Hotel. Which, by the way, is also a brilliant alternative if Sultan Cave Suites is fully booked up.

the best cave hotel in Cappadocia
The swimming pool at Sultan Cave Suites


Breakfast is included in your stay at the Sultan Cave Suites and it’s an extravaganza of delicious home-cooked food!

Apparently, there are more 50 local dishes and items, it certainly felt that way. I’m sure I spent a good hour in there munching away. Eating out on the terrace just as the last hot air balloons go down is pretty special too.

breakfast at Sultan Cave Suites
Breakfast at Sultan Cave Suites
breakfast terrace at Sultan Cave Suites
The breakfast terrace at Sultan Cave Suites

Location and Getting to Sultan Cave Suites

Sultan Cave Suites is located in the heart of the old part of Göreme. It takes just five minutes to walk down the hill into the town centre. It takes about one hour to drive from Sultan Cave Suites to Kayseri airport. You can arrange airport transfers here.

Most beautiful hotel in Cappadocia
The most beautiful hotel in Cappadocia

The Staff

The staff at the Sultan Cave Suites are just something else. The hotel is so relaxed, yet so clean, efficient and well-maintained. The staff are always happy and having fun, without it feeling stiff and formal like a traditional branded hotel. After a day sightseeing, you might come back and find them enjoying some time playing a board game together. I found the team to be so helpful and I spent a lot of time getting to know them!

review Sultan Cave Suites
Relaxing at Sultan Cave Suites

Tours in Cappadocia

Sultan Cave Suites is able to organise tours for guests with hotel pickup. One of the best things to do in Cappadocia is of course, a hot air balloon flight at sunrise. We loved our organised trip. I’ve also written a longer detailed post on all of best things to do in Cappadocia where I share plenty of local tour suggestions.

Cappadocia landscape
A glimpse of the Cappadocia landscape

Sunrise at Sultan Cave Suites

Sultan Cave Suites is one of the most famous hotels on Instagram. In most part, this is thanks to its incredible photo spot on its terrace. It is easily one of the best places to capture the sunrise in Cappadocia. I’ve actually written a long and detailed blog post on sunrise at the Sultan Cave Suites and everything you need to know to get an awesome Instagram photo. However, it important to know the balloons flying is weather dependent. If the winds are too strong, they simply cannot fly.

sunrise at Cappadocia
Admiring a beautiful sunrise at Cappadocia
the best photo shoot location in Cappadocia
Capturing an iconic sunrise photo at Sultan Cave Suites

Sultan Cave Suites

So this concludes my guide to staying at the Sultan Cave Suites hotel. I really believe it is the best cave hotel in Cappadocia..

I hope this has been helpful if you’re planning on heading to the amazing area of Göreme and Cappadocia in Turkey.

If you’re considering a longer Turkey adventure, you might find my two-week itinerary here useful, I’ve also written guides to BodrumPamukkale, Ephesus, sailing the famous Turquoise Coast, and Istanbul here.

Izmir, the gorgeous dog at Sultan Cave Suites
Izmir, the gorgeous dog at Sultan Cave Suites

Feel free to ask any further questions in the comments section below. Also, please feel free to share if you’ve enjoyed this post.

Wanna see more? Check my Instagram here, my Facebook here or my Twitter here!

Disclaimer: This visit to Cappadocia, Turkey was entirely paid for by myself. There was no involvement from the tourism board or the Sultan Cave Suites team. This is an independent guide

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  1. December 2, 2017 / 8:00 pm

    These Cave suites are so cool. Something totally different that you are used to see in a hotel. Would love to stop there.

  2. Rachel
    December 4, 2017 / 11:03 am

    I’ve not heard of this hotel before but wow, it looks beautiful! Staying in a cave sounds like such a novelty, but they certainly don;t forget the luxury as well. And Izmir sounds adorable!

  3. December 5, 2017 / 1:46 pm

    I cannot get over the pictures! They look so inviting! 🙂 Have heard of cave hotels in Cappadocia and I have always wanted to make a trip here! esp for the hot air ballooning! 🙂 Loved the sunrise picture! Who would not want to wake up to views like that!

  4. Michelle Leslie
    March 6, 2018 / 5:23 am

    It looks and sounds spectacular Claire, WOW!!!! And there’s a fur baby too. I would never want to leave, how amazing.

  5. Evelyn, PathofPresence
    March 6, 2018 / 9:35 am

    I’ve never seen anything like it & now this destination is on my bucket list. ?? The architecture looks formidable, but the inside, with high ceilings and surprisingly great light feels safe. Need I mention how the inviting pool has caught me eye? ☺️??? Delightful!! Xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence ?

  6. Sue Tanya Mchorgh
    March 6, 2018 / 2:57 pm

    This is definitely a magical hotel. I really like it. I wish i could book a stay right now. The pictures…. wow… it’s very tempting. I am so glad you shared this because now i just want to visit. It’s definitely on my bucketlist.

  7. March 6, 2018 / 4:20 pm

    Oh my goodness, magical was certainly the right word. I would absolutely love to stay here! I think I’ve seen your balloon picture before and I remember thinking it was absolutely out of this world gorgeous. After seeing the hotel I would love love love to visit the Sultan Cave Suites!

  8. Elizabeth O
    March 6, 2018 / 9:10 pm

    This place looks absolutely incredible. You hot air balloon picture is absolutely stunning. I am glad you had a great time.

  9. March 7, 2018 / 5:38 am

    I’m not familiar with the Cave Suites, but after reading this, I’m ready to book right now! It seems like an awesome place to stay and has stunning views!

  10. Jacky
    March 7, 2018 / 3:07 pm

    Gosh, how beautiful. I’ve been looking for a good hotel in the area. Looks like I found it <3 The view from the terrace is just spectacular.

  11. Preet
    March 7, 2018 / 3:23 pm

    Sultan Cave Suites, indeed a magical place. I have seen this place on Instagram a lot but didn’t knew the name, good to know about it. I am loving all the interiors and the decor, I am glad you have an amazing time. I would love to visit Sultan Cave Suites.

  12. March 7, 2018 / 4:00 pm

    Wow! What an incredible experience! And your photos make me feel like I’m right there with you!

  13. Ressa
    March 7, 2018 / 4:34 pm

    Wow, this hotel looks like a dream! I immediately bookmarked it- I’ll have to stay there when I’m in Cappadocia!

    • March 19, 2018 / 1:54 pm

      Are you heading soon? Definitely stay here if you can! 🙂 x

  14. March 7, 2018 / 5:49 pm

    This looks amaaaaazing!

    I am obviously following the wrong people on instagram as I have never seen these gorgeous views or heard about this hotel. It looks amaaaazing though.

    I think I’d want to stay there, even if other more modern places are available. I mean, that breakfast looks epic and how can anyone resist booking a hotel that comes complete with a friendly (or sassy) dog!?!

    Was it nice and cool inside the cave rooms?

  15. March 7, 2018 / 6:29 pm

    I’ve never seen the rest of this hotel — just the roof on insta lol. Thanks for taking us inside and showcasing the full package. It looks fab and is on my list when I visit Turkey.

    • March 19, 2018 / 1:53 pm

      Haha I know, people never share the details of their stay here! You’re welcome though – I loved it so much 🙂

  16. Anna
    March 7, 2018 / 7:35 pm

    I’m so glad I found this post because I’ve always wondered where all those Instagram photos are taken… and now I know!! Your photos are absolutely beautiful and you’ve seriously made me want to go and meet that little doggy!

    • March 19, 2018 / 1:52 pm

      Hahaha.. yes and no-one seems to write about it! It’s not just good for great pics, it’s also an amazing place to stay! 🙂

    • March 19, 2018 / 1:56 pm

      Tehe, I know! It’s quite the insta-famous hotel! Izmir is gorgeous!! I couldn’t recommend staying here more:)

  17. March 7, 2018 / 8:33 pm

    Wow. Just… wow. This place is amazing! It looks almost like a fantasy world, it would be so incredible to stay there. Thanks for putting the Sultan Cave Suites on my radar!

  18. Clare
    March 7, 2018 / 9:47 pm

    This place looks incredible! The cave suites are so beautiful and unique, And the views from high ground look breathtaking. Definitely one for the bucket list!

    Clare @ https://www.emmysmummy.com/

  19. March 8, 2018 / 10:00 am

    OmG! I didn’t know about this beautiful place, everything looks amazing and magical in your pictures, you make me want to go!

  20. March 8, 2018 / 10:02 am

    This looks so beautiful! I too have seen this hotel all over Instagram, but your post has made me really want to stay there. And I love that the dog’s name is Izmir – my brother lived in Izmir for a bit!

    • March 19, 2018 / 1:50 pm

      Really! I never managed to visit Izmir but that’s so cool he lived there 🙂

  21. Nadia
    March 8, 2018 / 11:28 am

    I’m in awe!!! How BEAUTIFUL and unique is that little hotel! Wow! I genuinely love everything about it: the exterior, the interior, every detail is gorgeous. You look so beautiful, girly!
    xox Nadia

    • March 19, 2018 / 1:49 pm

      I know!! Truly one of the most amazing places I have ever stayed 🙂 and thank you Nadia, that’s so sweet to hear 🙂

  22. Vio
    May 19, 2020 / 12:59 am

    Hello, is it free to go on the rooftop? I had booked with Mithra hotel and unfortunately my trip got canceled because of covid but i enquired about there private rooftop and they said it costs $200 euros for 1 hour which is quite expensive for just pictures. Is there anything like this with Sultan Cave Suites?

    • June 18, 2020 / 12:22 pm

      Hi Vio – to go on the rooftop at Sultan Cave Suites, you must be a guest of the hotel. So you need to reserve a room and stay there. I highly recommend doing this, as the hotel was amazing!

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